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Brave Little Firsts

The Remarkable Firsts of Women From Around the World
Brave Little Firsts is a nonfiction children's biography that shares the remarkable firsts of women from around the world. From the first female doctor to the first woman to fly an airplane. In this book of firsts, readers will discover trailblazers and barrier breakers who made history.
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Trailblazing Firsts

The amazing women featured in Brave Little Firsts didn't necessarily set out to be pioneers or innovators, but they were driven by passion and a love for their craft.


They faced struggles and opposition, but they never gave up. These women should be celebrated, and their stories are a source of motivation, upliftment, and encouragement.

Let their inspiring stories inspire you to follow your dreams, achieve your goals and strive for greatness.


Tiffany Trotter

Children’s book author, Tiffany Trotter is dedicated to spreading gender positive messages through inspiring and uplifting stories. She is encouraged and motivated by her daughter, sister, and mom. 


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